Next workshop in 2 weeks!

Our first photo and video workshop about camera operations is in less than 2 weeks atย @kafekweerย . Sunday 7th of January 2024, 2-4pm. Get the last 2 tickets!
Here’s a bit about us:

Jules: I am a photographer and have been taking pictures of the Edinburgh queer community for over a year @jlfphotography / I am also a filmmaker and am currently directing a documentary about what home means for queer people who grew up in a rural place @a_different_home . I have taught the video-making workshops at @lavender_menace_returns with @actuallyitsmitch and @nicojrx since the start. I studied filmmaking some time ago and have a MSc in Film Studies. And of course, I’m the Queer Film Night curator!

Mitchell: I am the videographer for @queer_film_night and cinematographer for @a_different_home . I have also been teaching video-making workshops at @lavender_menace_returns with @jlfphotography and @nicojrx . I have studied audio visual production in all aspects from pre-production to post production