Selkie Project

Our animated Selkie film tells the story of Rón, a non-binary selkie who lives with their trans siblings in the sea. Each full moon they come to the shore and shape-shift into their human form to meet their human friends and lovers on the shore. One night, Rón’s skin is stolen by their lover Mara’s parents. While they are trapped on land, panic grows in the village and Rón, the selkies and human allies must defend themselves and protect their community while trying to get their siblings back to where they belong, in their home: the sea.

Our team of writers, animators, visual artists and sound artists has been working on this project since October 2023. Drawing on Scottish, Celtic, and Nordic folklore, we’re queering up a myth that is often told as the story of a mermaid-like selkie trapped on land by a fisherman. If you’d like to join our team, or help our finances, please do get in touch.

The Team

Director and writer: Jules Lacave-Fontourcy
Writing and Voice-over narration: Jules Lacave-Fontourcy, Cooper King
Producer: Bryn Weaver 
Animators: Sammson Orr, Emmerson New, Cain
Visual artists/ Concept Art: Cooper King, Sammson Orr, Cain, Emmerson New
Storyboarding: Sammson Orr, Ruby
Sound design and music: Nicolas Jarnoux, Mitchell Morton
Photography: Jules Lacave-Fontourcy

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