A Different Home

We’re making a documentary!

A Different Home asks what “home” means for queer people who grew up in a rural place and now live in an urban centre. We are exploring the tensions between craving a rural life whilst having found a sense of belonging to a queer community in a city. We ask what it feels like to grieve something that is lost whilst still being there. What is lost and craved is a deep sense of belonging to a rural place. Yet, it is there without being accessible because the hometown is still there, but not welcoming, not as accepting as the (urban) queer community. This documentary is about feeling alienated from both spaces while simultaneously feeling a deep sense of belonging to both.

We will be sharing our first shots soon and plenty more details. If this resonates with you shoot us a message and share this!

Director: Jules Lacave-Fontourcy @jlfphotography
Cinematographer and editor: Mitchell Morton @actuallyitsmitch
Sound editor: Nicolas Jarnoux @nicojrx