Photography & Video Workshops

Photography and Video-making workshops starting January 7th 2-4pm @kafekweer ! We’ve been thinking about how inaccessible learning video-making and photography can be when you don’t have the means to go to film school, not enough time to start a full course, or don’t have your own equipment.

We are currently training the wonderful volunteers at @lavender_menace_returns and thought we’d like to extend our training to the queer community and allies.

We will run a monthly 2 hour hands-on workshop on topics such as camera operations: shutter speed, aperture, focus, photo and video editing, sound recording, shot composition, lighting, etc. We will come with our own equipment and encourage you to bring your own cameras and gear so you can practice on what you already have.

Each workshop will be priced between £12 to £15 per person and you can come to as many or as few as you’d like. Whether you want to learn everything about video-making or would just like a specific workshop on sound editing, you’re welcome at our workshops. We will announce more details soon, but do let us know your thoughts.

We want to hear from you, are you interested, what would you like to learn, something we didn’t mention, specific access requirements? Anything!