Zero Patience poster

Zero Patience

Next Queer Film Night is a Guilty Pleasure QFN !!

A (terrible) musical? A delightful camp comedy? A militant film about AIDS? An iconic gay film? Zero Patience (John Greyson, 1993) is all of this, and more.

John Greyson denounces the myth of a “patient zero” in the AIDS epidemics by having his character Zero return from the dead to fight the narrative that Sir Richard Francis Burton (himself a kind of ghost from the Victorian era) is trying to set up for an exhibition at the Natural History Museum. Whilst Burton looks for evidence of the perverted mind of Zero, the latter’s former friends and members of ACT-UP are planning actions against pharmaceutical companies’ huge profit making. Want to see a sauna choreography, a drag performance by Miss HIV, a bigoted Victorian man fighting hard (but not too long) to remain in the closet, and an *iconic* musical butt holes scene?

Come to QFN on 16th of January 2023 at 9pm at ESCH

As usual, DM if you want to join, see you all soon 😊